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Retreats & Programmes


Friday Service

(Every Friday) 08:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Friday service is a day of prayer which entails Holy Mass, Confession, Preaching the Word of God and Healing Adoration. It is conducted every Friday of the year from 08:30 am-04:30 pm.

Residential Retreats

(As per the Calendar)

Residential Retreats are boarding retreats. They are exclusive in-depth retreats for people to get in touch with God. They are five-day (Sunday-Thursday) retreats of prayer comprising special preaching of the Word of God in alignment with the theme of the retreat, thorough examination of conscious leading to confession, Intense Inner healing Eucharistic adoration and outpouring of the holy spirit. Retreats are a life-changing experience.

Bible Convention


Bible conventions are non-boarding retreat, from Monday to Friday as per the calendar which comprises of Preaching the Word of God, Holy Mass, Confession and Healing Adoration. No registration required nor fee. For a walk in and out, Bible Convention is flexible for all.

Night Vigils

(Monthly, as per the Calendar)

Night Vigil is a night of prayer as per the calendar from 08.00 pm-05.00 am which comprises special prayer, preaching the Word of God, Eucharistic Adoration and the Holy Mass. It is a convenient service especially for all who are unable to attend daytime services. Come and stay awake with Jesus.

Spiritual Counselling

(Monday-Thursday) 09.00 am-04.30 pm

Counseling is a personal sharing session. it is a forum for one to unburden and get spiritual guidance. It is a free service open to all


(Fridays)10.00 am – 01.00 pm.

Confession is a service and a sacrament for Catholics. It is a channel of receiving God’s mercy and forgiveness by confessing our sins. Confession is available everyday especially Fridays 10.00 am – 01.00 pm.

Silent Adoration

(Daily) 09.00 am-4.30pm

Silent adoration is a personal time before the holy eucharist.

Bible Nursery

(Fridays, on School holidays) 10.00 am-01.30 pm

It’s a service to give Jesus to the children, the children (4-11 years old) are taught the Word of God, bible stories, life of the saints and Christian virtues. It is conducted mainly during school holidays.